Why is donating through RC Forward more cost effective?

Our goal is to maximize your donation’s positive impact on the world. In line with this goal, RC Forward is the most cost-effective way for Canadians to support our partner charities located outside of Canada. By using the RC Forward platform to donate to these charities, you’ll receive an official donation receipt that you can use to claim valuable charitable tax credits. If you were to donate through these charities’ websites, these tax credits wouldn’t be available. 

Given that Canadian charitable tax credit rates are generally between 20% and 49% of the amount you donate, they far outweigh the 4% of your donation that we allocate to RC Forward’s operations.

For charities that are already registered in Canada (Against Malaria FoundationSchistosomiasis Control Initiative, and Iodine Global Network), you’ll receive the same tax benefits and similar credit card fees by donating via the charity’s website. In this case, the main advantage of giving through RC Forward is the convenience of making all of your high-impact donations in one place. However, if you’re only donating to one of these charities, or would prefer for your donation to be delivered to the partner charity instantly, giving through the partner charity’s website may be the best option for you.

Feel free to get in touch if you have additional questions about whether giving through RC Forward is right for you!

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